Buffalo Storage

TeraStation™ is a larger capacity NAS device with robust RAID 5 capability. The redundancy of four separate hard drives in RAID 5 or RAID 1 modes means that even if a hard drive fails, your data is safe. You may also use them in spanning mode, allowing maximum capacity and performance. Ideal for homes and small to medium businesses that want massive, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-manage redundant network storage.
Buffalo TeraStation - Simplex IT


TeraStation WSS
The Buffalo TeraStation WSS Windows Storage Server has been specially designed to provide an affordable, high performance entry NAS solution for small and medium sized office environments, giving full integration with a Windows environment, along with the ease and familiar intuitive administration that Windows brings.
Buffalo TeraStation WSS - Simplex IT
TeraStation iSCSI
Buffalo TeraStation iSCSI Desktop/Rackmount offers high speed and reliable iSCSI storage solution with affordable price for Soho/SMB users. The ideal choice for small to medium size businesses looking to implement a high-speed and reliable RAID based iSCSI solution.
Buffalo TeraStation iSCSI - Simplex IT
LinkStation™ is a single-drive NAS that makes it easy to add shared storage space to your network. All of your computers and network devices can access files from a LinkStation connected to your network. Ideal for homes and small offices that want easy to use, easy to manage centralised network storage.
Buffalo LinkStation - Simplex IT

For further information or pricing please contact Nathan or Ray: sales@simplexit.co.uk


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