Cloud Computing

Simplex IT ensures that your company would not be lost when it comes to the transition to Cloud computing services.


We offer a comprehensive cloud computing service that would provide you with everything you need to get it up and running.


Benefits of incorporating cloud computing service for your business include:


Always accessible:

The great thing about the Cloud computing services that we offer is that they make your files available anywhere you are. By putting the files in the cloud, the employees of a business would have limited excuse for saying that they forgot their files. This is because they can easily access these files as long as they have an internet connection.

While some may view this as a big security risk as it exposes them to the vast users of the internet, Simplex IT ensures their clients that the cloud computing services that they offer undergo strict security measures.

This means that only those that are authorized to access and modify the files would be given permission to do so.


Low Operating Costs:

Another advantage of engaging in cloud computing services would be the lower overhead operating costs. Storing file and data in house will entail high costs for maintaining servers and computers, as well as the electricity costs for powering them. This also means that you would have to keep on adding new equipment as you gather more and more files and data.

By utilizing a cloud computing service, you would be able to harness the power of computers and servers maintained for you. Best of all, our cloud computing service can easily scale to your needs. We would be able to support you if ever your company would have to increase or decrease their need for cloud computing services.


Downtime protection:

Cloud computing service protects your business from unexpected downtimes. With current in house set ups, a virus or malware attack or even simple power outages could already lead to your data being inaccessible or even lost.

By entrusting your data to the cloud, the files are scattered which could mitigate the impact of viruses or downed equipment. You would still be able to access and retrieve some of your files in case any kind of calamity would strike your offices.


Working from home:

As we have found over the last 2/3 years the winters in the UK are getting worse and we have all had instances when staff are unable to get to the office due to snow or ice. If you are using our cloud based systems then your staff would be able to access their work from home. Keeping them working and your business turning.

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