Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery are often talked about in the same category however they are two separate things that your business will need to plan for.

Backups are the process you have in place to ensure your data is backed up to a removable device to make sure you have copies of files should they be deleted, become corrupt.
Disaster Recovery is planning for the worst case situation. You may have your backup offsite from the night before the backup but you need to consider how long you will not be able to work if the server is not ready for the data.
Backup & DR - Simplex IT

Simplex IT are here to help you make sure you have processes in place for the day we hope never happens!
Backups are essential for all companies. We need to ensure our data is backed up and available for restore. The backup software that we recommend can offer file level backup or full system imaging.
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File Level Backup and System Imaging – Acronis
File Level Backup using Granular Message Restore Technology – Symantec

Disaster Recovery - Simplex IT
Disaster Recovery
In the event of a disaster you need to ensure that you not only have a copy of you data offsite but an image of your server. The software we use ourselves and recommend to our customers is Acronis. This software has the ability to take a full image of your server and then restore this to different hardware with all of your settings and data in place.

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