Email & Website regulations

If your business is a private or public limited company or a Limited Liability Partnership, the Companies Act 1985 requires all of your business emails to include the following details:

• Your company’s registered name (e.g. XYZ Ltd)
• Your company registration number;
• Your place of registration (e.g. Scotland or England & Wales); and
• Your registered office address


This information should also appear on your company’s website. Failure to comply with these requirements puts a company at risk of a fine of £1,000.


It is not enough to provide a link to this information from an email footer.


Not all emails will be relevant to your business but most companies find it easier to add the information to all outgoing emails, including those messages that forward or reply to a third party’s email to ensure they are protected.
The maximum fine for non-compliance is currently £1,000. An additional daily fine of up to £300 per day can be imposed for any continuing breach.


Our recommended server side products can attach the required information and signatures to all emails regardless of where they are composed. So weather your users send mail from Outlook, webmail, iPhones, BlackBerrys, etc. You know the correct legal footers are being added.


You can include images in signatures that are attached using our products. This can be a logo for your website, advertising banner, etc.


Signatures can pull the relevant information from Active Directory so each user’s name, job title, phone number, email address can easily be applied to all emails.


Send emails out with a v-card attached including your information and photo that is pulled direct from Active Directory.



Simplex IT Email Signature



This Signature will be added to all outbound emails unless they already contain it.
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