XMAS Nugget 2 – Facebook – Get the old chat back

Facebook changed the way the chat window displays a while ago now and this has confused a lot of people, don’t you just wish there was away to get the old chat back.


The Facebook chat sidebar now covers full height of the screen. Many of you may not be very fond of this longer sidebar and want to revert back to the older Facebook chat sidebar.

If you aren’t very fond of these latest changes in the Facebook chat sidebar, use these simples steps;


1: Install Greasemonkey. (Link for Firefox add-on below)
2: You now need to install a script. Go to http://hallwayinsider.com/fbc.user.js
3: Install the script
4: Now close your browser and re-open
5: Open Facebook on a new tab. You will instantly see the changes in your chat window.