Nugget 37 – Scam Warning – “Microsoft” Phone Calls

This classic scam is making the rounds again, If you get a phone call asking for someone (normally claiming to be from Microsoft) to connect in and fix your computer when you have not asked for this, then it is a scam. Microsoft will never phone you to inform you of a problem on your pc.

If you are concerned about the “risks” that they have said your machine poses, then note down what they say and thank them for the information. Then say you will get your local IT Company to fix it. They will try and say they will do it for free over the internet. Don’t allow this. End the call and then contact your local IT Company to ensure you are protected.

Your IT Company may connect to your machine over the internet to check things over.
Remember you have asked for this connection….not the other way round.


If you are not sure on any of these replies then you need to check before it’s too late.


Contact Us now more information or if you have already been affected by this scam