Nugget 35 – Extra storage for your tablet or smartphone

Tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and many people are now reaching the storage limits of their devices. This used to mean sorting your data and not taking everyone’s favourites movie or music. However the problem has a simple solution


Using Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage you can carry your data with you while on the go and wirelessly stream videos, photos, music and documents to your tablet or smartphone. It can store over 300 HD movies, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of space again. So how does it work?

You load all of your data, music and movies to the GoFlex Satellite device. The GoFlex Satellite can then stream this data to your tablet or smartphone via its own Wi-Fi network. You can leave it in your bag, put it on the table, hide it behind the sofa, take it in the car – with a range of up to 150ft you will never feel tied to your storage.


With the GoFlex Satellite device you can stream different data to three devices simultaneously. So you can have three different devices watching three different films at the same time from the same storage!


The GoFlex Media app (available on both iPad’s and Android tablets) is tailored for the GoFlex Satellite device, allowing you to sort easily through your media library by Videos, Photos, Documents or Music, perform keyword searches, and use folder and thumbnail views.


The GoFlex Satellite also allows you to access documents from Microsoft Office, iWork and Adobe PDF files. Other file types can also be opened with 3rd party apps available on your tablet device.


The GoFlex Satellite device can stream movies and other media to almost any device that has a Web browser and Wi-Fi connectivity. If your Co-workers, friends and family have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, they can enjoy your media content too.