Nugget 33 – Pixar lost Toy Story 2 due to backup failure!


Data is the life of any business. What would happen if your server room had a leak, or you accidentally deleted a file? It could mean that sign on the door now says “commercial space fore rent”. That’s why you need a good, successful, backup at least once every day. If you don’t check your backups, they are basically useless.
Did you know most backups fail 1.5 times every month? And will stop running when the experience a failure, until you resolve the issue that caused it to fail! How good is a backup if it’s been in failure for 15 days, or if it’s corrupted?
Data loss happens every day. So do backup failures. Check out the TRUE Pixar video above that recants the story about how they almost lost the movie Toy Story 2 while it was still in production!
Pixar came very close to losing a very large portion of Toy Story 2, because someone did a “remove all” command. And that’s when they realized that their backups hadn’t been working for a month. Then, the technical director of the film noted that, because she wanted to see her family and kids, she had been making copies and transferring it to her home computer. After a careful trip from the Pixar offices to her home and back, they discovered that, indeed, most of the film was saved:
Pixar, like any other company could have experienced massive loss if they had not gotten lucky. Don’t rely on luck to save you from data loss – there aren’t too many of these stories with happy endings!
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