Nugget 32 – The worst passwords you could use

Too many users are making poor decisions when choosing their passwords. Time and time again you hear about the importance of choosing hard-to-crack, unguessable, unique passwords that will make life very difficult for password crackers. During the last few weeks this has become even more of an issue. With leading websites being hacked and passwords obtained from Yahoo, Techradar Forums, Nvidia Forums, LinkedIn, Android Forums and Hotmail it is a major issue for us all.
Here’s a video Sophos made a while back showing how to choose a hard-to-crack but easy-to-remember password.

People continue to use passwords that are – quite frankly – useless, and then compound the problem by using the same simple password in multiple places. A recent survey staes that the average user holds accounts for 26 websites but only uses 5 different passwords and many of the users had just one password.
Security blogger Anders Nilsson spent a little time running a password analysing tool against the 450,000 passwords obtained from Yahoo and he found the following which doesn’t inspire much confidence about password security.

the worst common passwords

The typical response from the average user is “But how will I remember all these different, complicated passwords?”
Simple. Use a decent password management program. There are a few to choose from, and some of them are even free. Software KeePass can remember all your different passwords on your behalf, store them securely, and even generate complicated passwords for the next website you join. See our previous IT Nugget on KeePass here;


If you have a secure password- great! But be a good samaritan, and share the advice with your family and friends. These posters supplied by our partner Sophos would be a great way to advise your office. 

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