Nugget 28 – How to Track Your Internet Bandwidth Usage in Android, iPhone & Computer

How do i know the amount of data I am spending every day, and how much more is still left to utilize?
You might have observed that, even though you are not using the Internet connection on your mobile or PC, you will continuously see a increase in broadband usage and end up reaching your data download limit very fast. The main reasons for this is that many applications use a backend process to download data from Internet and update automatically. This can be observed more in mobile phones. Smartphone’s use a lot of bandwidth to connect to social networking sites and download the data to your phone. They automatically link your profile to Facebook, Twitter and other apps once connected. So you will obviously see an increase in download activity and consume more internet bandwidth.

How to Track your Internet data download limit in Mobile Android Phones:
If you are using an Android mobile, you should look at the Onava Count App. No matter if the phone is connected via 3G or 2G network, it can still monitor data usage. You can also see the Data Alert and Warning messages on the screen all the time. With this, you can see the amount of data spent on each session. If you feel any app is running in background and using a lot of unwanted bandwidth, you can just block it with Data hog blocking option. There are a lot of amazing options which will track your each and every step in a session. You can download Onava Count Application from Google Play for free.

How to Track your Internet data download limit in iPhone:
If you are using a iPhone, there is no need to install any additional options. iPhone has a inbuilt option to track your mobile network data usage. This feature in iPhone is called Cellular Network Data Counter. You can change the settings to enable this feature. Just go to Settings -> General -> Usage and Enable the Cellular Usage. With this, you can know the amount of data sent and received to date.

How to Track your Internet data download limit on a Computer:
BitMeter OS was designed by an Open Source community. The best part of this application is, you can find the broadband limit and data network usage in any browser window. Also you can import the data into a Microsoft Excel file and keep it as a record. You can also use this application in Windows, Linux and MAC Operating systems.
Just go through the Official site for more info and Click here to Download BitMeter OS.