Nugget 26 – Be secure over the holidays

In 2004, one of the founders of the Y-cam was abroad on holiday with his family when his house alarm set off. He was notified immediately by his alarm company, however he had to wait until the Police arrived on the scene to check the premises. Being so far away and having to wait so long was unbearable, and not something he wanted to experience again. Eventually a Police officer checked the premises only to inform him that that it seemed to be a false alarm.
If only he could see what was happening…

Y-cam cameras are a special type of webcam – more commonly known as IP cameras. They connect to the internet and allow you to view, and hear, whatever your camera can from anywhere in the World. They are more hi-tech than a standard webcam – able to operate without the need for a PC to be on, and giving a better picture, greater control and advanced options such as motion detection.
Commonly used for home and small business security, the Y-cam is a versatile piece of kit, and offers the following features:
View from anywhere – The internet and computer technology inside a Y-cam allows you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world via the internet. Either on PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Blackberry or other internet-enabled mobile phone or browsing devices.
Detect motion – The Y-cam can detect motion, and trigger events when motion occurs.
Receive alerts when activity detected – The Y-cam can send you an email when motion is detected, and even include a snapshot of the event. The alert function can also upload images to websites, or activate recording of the event on to memory card.
See in the dark with night vision – See up to 15 metres in pitch black darkness. Night vision enabled Y-cams utilise powerful infrared LEDs to provide high levels of “invisible” light in dark environments.
Record footage internally to memory card – MicroSD enabled models allow you to plug in a microSD memory card to record footage continuously, periodically or on triggered alarm events. An 8GB memory card allows you to record over 20 hours of footage at the very highest quality settings, or 2,000 hours at low quality settings.
Use with your iPhone, Blackberry, or other Internet enabled Mobile Phones – Access your Y-cam using your browser on your mobile phone with free apps for your iPhone, Android or Nokia phone.
Blend in to your surroundings – Y-cam’s sleek and unobtrusive design allows it to blend in to the home or office, rather than stand out like a traditional security camera.
Use them inside or outside – The range of camera provides for indoor and outdoor applications.
Re-use it, move it, use it again – The Y-cam cameras are easy to move and re-install.
Look after several locations at the same time – View and record up to x36 different cameras, at different locations, at the same time using Y-cams free MultiLive software.
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