Nugget 25 – Have the conference, skip the room.

Web conferencing is an increasingly popular method of communication. Web conferencing cuts down on travel expenses and time. Since employees do not move from their office, a business can save considerable amounts of money. It also saves precious time, which can be utilized for other works and increase productivity.


Get everybody on the same page, when they’re not in the same room, instantly. Review documents and designs. Train staff. Demo products or just show off. is a ridiculously simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly. free features
• internet calling
• screen sharing
• 250 viewers
• share control
• multi-monitor
• chat
• send files
• viewer: iPad/iPhone or Android pro features
All the goodies in free, plus
• unified audio
• presenter swap
• pro desktop app
• personal link & background
• meeting scheduler
• meeting lock
• user management
• international conference lines

If you have ever had a meeting like this, then maybe it’s time to start using today?