Nugget 1 – Internet Advise – Think before you post

You have no control on how far your post will spread around the internet. Your image share with friends can soon become the talk of the town.

Social network has quickly become a way of life for us all and it is a great way for us to share our holiday pictures or pictures of nights out with friends. You need to remember that once you post to the internet you have no control of who sees this post. Through the social networking sites you share it with your friends, this you can control. However what you can’t control is one of your friends copying this image and then sharing it with their friends. This can soon spread the image round the internet.

Children are they aware;
With the social networking websites taking up most of our child’s lives these days we need to make them aware that when they post to these sites they are offering the content to the world not just their friends. It’s far too easy for a friend to re-share this post with their friends and so on. “That picture” can soon be talk of the school.

The video linked below shows a student and how this can affect someone who has made this simple error.